Hello! (Again)

Hi readers!

I’ve recently decided to start posting on another blog of mine, EndTheChange.wordpress.com!

End the Change is dedicated to raising awareness about and encouraging action against climate change. It is as an attempt to halt the exploitation of the only life-sustaining planet known to man.

End the Change understands that there is nowhere to run from climate change. The organization believes that humanity currently stands on the brink of disaster — a falling off point from which there is no return — if, as a race, we do not unite against a threat greater than all others: the death of our blue planet.

On climate change, we often don’t fully appreciate that it is a problem. We think it is a problem waiting to happen.” – Kofi Annan

Climate change is upon us, but there is still hope. Ultimately, collapse or stability is a choice. For now. But our window is closing.

“We’re fucked at a certain point, right? It just becomes unmanageable. The climate dragon is being poked, and eventually the dragon becomes pissed off enough to trash the place,” said Jason Box, who is currently a professor of glaciology at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, and has been studying the Arctic for decades.

“I may escape a lot of this,” Box said, “but my daughter might not. She’s 3 years old.”

End the Change believes now is the time to act. Because the problem is now. Because if we wait to act, we may venture past the point of no return. We may kill our planet, and with it, our species. And End the Change believes 350.org is the organization to save us. All donations will be gathered through 350.org, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit. An international campaign dedicated to fighting climate change, 350.org gets its name from the maximum level of atmospheric carbon dioxide — 350 parts per million (ppm) — that climate scientists agree will maintain our planet’s long-term ecological health. Now, the level is 400 ppm, and it’s rising by 2 ppm each year. But don’t take it from us, take it from them:

“‘If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from [current levels] to at most 350 ppm.’

That’s Dr. James Hansen talking, former head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Dr. Hansen is one of the most respected climatologists in the world, and when he says that climate change is incompatible with human civilization, we think human civilization ought to sit up and take notice.

This is the time, this is the place. Take a stand and help build a global climate movement.

I’ll see you all there!


Jacob Dahan


End the Change


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