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This site is dedicated to raising public awareness about the plight of the threatened species, the narwhal.  Scientifically named the Monodon monoceros, the narwhal has been listed as Nearly Threatened by the World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Conservation efforts have been put in place to create restrictions on whaling. Due to global warming, it is unlikely that narwhals will be taken off of the Nearly Threatened species list. Please browse this site to learn more and help spread the word by joining the cause on Twitter @ProtectNarwhals or at!

I recently created a page to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund in honor of the narwhal! Please show your support by making a donation. Your contribution will help protect the narwhal and its habitats around the world.

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You can make your donation online by visiting my personal page—every dollar makes a difference!

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Narwhals Swimming In A Small Pod

Narwhals Swimming In A Small Pod

 feel free to Watch this national geographic video on narwhals!