10 Basic Facts About “The Unicorn Of The Sea”

The World Wildlife Fund puts forth 10 fascinating, important facts about the elusive, majestic narwhal—the so-called “unicorn of the sea.”

“Like polar bears, narwhals depend on sea ice and are directly impacted by rapid climate change—studies have shown that they are one of the species most vulnerable to the ecological effects of climate change because of increased predation by killer whales, changes to their prey base, and likely increased risks of entrapment in unpredictable ice conditions.

As summer home to over 80,000 narwhals (about three-quarters of the world’s total population), Canada is in a unique position to keep narwhal populations healthy by ensuring that their habitat remains intact and not significantly impacted by human activities.”

Read the full article here. (http://blog.wwf.ca/blog/2015/02/26/unicorn-sea-ten-facts-narwhals/)

Please help support the narwhal—and all arctic creatures—as well as their habitats, destroyed by the human wastefulness and carelessness that has led to global warming. Every dollar makes a difference!

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