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Last week, the North Pole was warmer than Western Texas, Southern California, and parts of the Sahara.

Wait… what?

“This year’s holiday season has been full of extreme weather, with weird anomalies from coast to coast—like a script worthy of a Syfy network movie,” writes  of Slate Magazine.

“The remarkable storm will briefly boost temperatures in the Arctic basin to nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal—and the North Pole itself will be pushed above the freezing point, with temperatures perhaps as warm as 40 degrees. That’s absolutely terrifying and incredibly rare. Keep in mind: It’s late December and dark 24 hours a day at the North Pole right now. The typical average high temperature this time of year at the North Pole is about minus 15 to minus 20 degrees. To create temperatures warm enough to melt ice to exist in the dead of winter—some 50 or 60 degrees warmer than normal—is unthinkable.

Read the article in its entirety here to understand why we, together, must work to end climate change to save ourselves, our planet, and those species that inhabit this wonderful, beautiful, and fragile planet with us.(

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